How to reach 10 Pb/s in single optical fiber?

Posted by Allioux David on February 15, 2019

10.16 Pb/s Record!

A data rate of 10 Pb/s means that 1015 bits or 1.25 million Go are exchanged every second. To give you an idea of what this magnitude entails, the entire population of Europe could watch Netflix at the same time with a connection of 10 Pb/s. 10 Pb/s is actually the world record for transmission capacity through a single optical fiber. It was obtained by the Japanese telecom operator KDDI and Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) in 2017, with the help of Cailabs.

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Topics: Spatial division multiplexing (SDM), Optical fiber record, Multimode fiber, Petabits per second (Pb/s)

Glass cutting using Bessel beams

Posted by Laroui Sami on February 1, 2019

Glass machining processes that are highly efficient, highly accurate and low cost are becoming increasingly popular in the industry, especially

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Topics: Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams, Machining processes

Is your network cabling infrastructure limiting your productivity?

Posted by Kévin Lenglé on January 25, 2019

A growing demand for increased bandwidth in local networks

Digital communications are undergoing rapid expansion and occupying an increasingly important role. This evolution in communication methods has a direct influence on the infrastructures that support them. In order to support this expansion and any congestion issues that may arise, networks need to be all the more efficient.

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