David Allioux

David Allioux, who holds a Ph.D. in optics from the University of Lyon, joined Cailabs in 2018. As a project and product manager, he is in charge of the development and integration of telecommunication R&D solutions. He also brings his expertise to develop and commercialize the laser communication product line.

Multimode fiber Cabling infrastructure

What is the environmental impact of providing high-throughput connectivity for your campus?

We face two major challenges in the 21st century: digital transformation and ecological transition. Ecological transition is an essential objective for humanity. Digital technology is one of the...
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Laser material processing Laser welding

CANUNDA-HP: a standard configuration with multiple possibilities?

The CANUNDA-HP laser welding head has demonstrated its benefits under design operating conditions: beam quality, robustness, ease of integration, etc. But what happens when you push the system...
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Laser material processing Laser welding

Why should you choose the MPLC for your laser beam welding process?

After having looked at the various conventional welding methods, we introduced the advantages of beam shaping for the laser process in the previous article. So, what are these various techniques, and...
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Laser material processing Laser welding

Laser welding: what solutions can respond to industrial challenges?

In the first article we looked at conventional welding techniques, now let's focus on lasers. This technique, which was developed at the end of the 20th century, has many advantages. What are its...
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Incoherent combining, Telecom Lasers - 29 September 2020

Cooking with telecom lasers: an introduction to incoherent combining

If you are familiar with the series “The Big Bang Theory”, you may have seen the scene where Leslie Winkle heats her lunch with a laser. She heats her pasta in 2.6 seconds using a 500 kW oxygen...
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FSOC laser communication, Increasing throughput with TILBA - 25 May 2020

How is Cailabs contributing to improving communication with satellites?

Satellite constellations enable the deployment of high-throughput communication networks in free space to complement fiber-optic networks. Like these networks, optical technologies are the only means...
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