Sami Laroui

Sami Laroui, who holds Master’s degrees in materials science and innovation and entrepreneurship, joined Cailabs in 2018. As a pre-sales engineer, he contributes to the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions, that optimize the quality and performance of laser machining processes.

Spatial division multiplexing (SDM) Beam Shaping

Flying Further with Beam Shaping

The aerospace industry is facing numerous challenges as it strives to meet the growing demands of air travel. One of the most pressing challenges is the need to reduce carbon emissions, as aviation...
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Laser material processing E-mobility

From the Volkswagen Golf to the Tesla Model 3: How lasers are shaping the automotive industry?

Electromobility, or e-mobility, is revolutionizing the automotive industry and emerging as a priority for automakers worldwide. Laser technology has become a key element in meeting the challenges of...
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Laser Communication

Space optical communications: why are space-to-ground links taking time to develop?

As seen in previous articles, a technological and market revolution in the space sector is reshaping the industry. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations are emerging as current radio...
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Local networks - LAN

Switching to an all-optical network – The best ROI when upgrading your infrastructure?

Companies needing to upgrade or replace existing telecommunications networks look for ways to improve efficiency while reducing capital expenditure and operating expenses. IT and network managers...
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Laser machining processes, Surface texturing - 23 March 2021

Shiny chocolate, black gold, and other oddities

What do the wings of the Morpho butterfly, the feathers of some hummingbirds, and lotus leaves have in common? Microscopic periodic structures give them special optical, chemical or mechanical...
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Bessel beams - 28 January 2021

A laser needle to observe microscopic objects

Bessel beams are "needles" of light formed by the interference of a laser beam with a conical-phase (Fig. 1). They have many applications in both research and industry. In particular, they are used...
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Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams - 09 October 2020

Why switch to reflective technology to generate Bessel beams?

Glass cutting, especially for smartphone screens, requires high precision. Ultrashort laser machining using a Bessel beam allows quality improvement of machining, as well as their efficiency. It also...
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Laser material processing, Laser machining processes - 29 April 2019

How to improve an ultrashort-pulse laser process?

Laser beam shaping is the way to optimize microdrilling with ultrashort-pulse lasers, improving the accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of the process for an industrial use.
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Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams - 21 March 2019

Glass cutting using Bessel beams

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