David Allioux - 15 February 2022

Cailabs Academy season #1: TILBA

This first series of 4 episodes focuses on light and how we can manipulate it, on spatial modes, MPLC, and overall, on how Cailabs can improve laser communication through the atmosphere.

Episode #1: Introduction to Laser Communications

In this first episode, we describe the drivers to deploy lasercom and which elements are still missing:

In this fourth (and last) episod, see how we can recombine signals from multiple fibers into one...


By David Allioux

David Allioux, who holds a Ph.D. in optics from the University of Lyon, joined Cailabs in 2018. As a project and product manager, he is in charge of the development and integration of telecommunication R&D solutions. He also brings his expertise to develop and commercialize the laser communication product line.