Gwenn Pallier - 03 April 2020

How to manufacture a foldable smartphone screen using Bessel beams

With the advent of ultra-thin glass screens in the consumer market, especially for smartphones and displays, ultrashort laser glass cutting has emerged as a more efficient and higher quality option than mechanical methods. However, the requirement to cut increasingly flexible glass, especially for smartphones with foldable screens, poses problems for traditional laser cutting techniques.

In this video, discover how the Bessel beams generated by CANUNDA-AXICON enable the industrial cutting of ultra-thin glass.

The quality of the cut is critical for flexible glass, as any defect can cause the screen to break. The shaping of the femtosecond cutting laser is an excellent method to improve this quality, in particular by using Bessel beams generated by conical-shaped lenses called axicons.

The CANUNDA-AXICON manufactured by Cailabs offers the best Bessel shaping on the market, thanks to its reflective design and unparalleled manufacturing quality. Cailabs has teamed up with Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), a technical center for photonics and laser technology based in Hannover, Germany, to demonstrate the compatibility of the Bessel beams generated by CANUNDA-AXICON with an industrial installation.

Find out in less than two minutes how, for the first time, a large glass surface can be cut, in a single pass, by a Bessel beam generated by CANUNDA-AXICON passing through a galvanometric scanner and an F-Theta lens!


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Watch the replay of the webinar on
"Large area high quality glass cutting with femtosecond Bessel beams"

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By Gwenn Pallier

Ingénieure en Optique diplômée de l'Institut d'Optique (SupOptique) et responsable de Ligne Produit et de Projets à Cailabs, Gwenn Pallier apporte son expertise au développement et à la commercialisation de solutions optiques innovantes pour optimiser la qualité et les rendements de procédés d'usinage laser.

Product Line Manager for material processing applications, Gwenn Pallier holds a Masters’s degree in optical engineering from the Institute of Optics (Paris, France). As a project and product line manager at Cailabs, she brings her expertise to the development and commercialization of innovative optical solutions, that optimize the quality and performance of laser-based material processes.