Local networks - LAN

Switching to an all-optical network – The best ROI when upgrading your infrastructure?

Companies needing to upgrade or replace existing telecommunications networks look for ways to improve efficiency while reducing capital expenditure and operating expenses. IT and network managers...
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Laser Communication

Satellite-to-ground laser communications: a step from experimentation to commercialization

Optics will be part of space communications in the near future, since radio frequency will not be able to follow the growing needs, as shown in a previous article: "Lighting up the future of...
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Laser Communication

Lighting up the future of satellite communications

Since the beginning of the space conquest, communication between satellites and ground is an essential concern. For example, the first artificial Earth satellite was already sending information to...
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Multimode fiber Cabling infrastructure

Upgrading your network infrastructure in the middle of a fiber shortage

In recent months, there has been increasing pressure on the supply of optical cables for network infrastructures. This has resulted in a sharp rise in the price of optical fiber and an unprecedented...
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Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams - 09 October 2020

Why switch to reflective technology to generate Bessel beams?

Glass cutting, especially for smartphone screens, requires high precision. Ultrashort laser machining using a Bessel beam allows quality improvement of machining, as well as their efficiency. It also...
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CANUNDA-PULSE-AXICON, Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams, Laser machining processes - 03 April 2020

How to manufacture a foldable smartphone screen using Bessel beams

With the advent of ultra-thin glass screens in the consumer market, especially for smartphones and displays, ultrashort laser glass cutting has emerged as a more efficient and higher quality option...
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Laser material processing, Glass cutting, Bessel beams - 21 March 2019

Glass cutting using Bessel beams

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